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Immediate steps to take in the event of a death

When a death occurs in your family, it is important to contact us as soon as possible so that we can advise you of the correct procedures to follow.

  • If death occurs in a Nursing Home or Private Hospital, the Director of Nursing or Registered Nurse will contact the family and your nominated Funeral Director.
  • If the death occurs at home, you should contact your family doctor. If he or she is satisfied as to the cause of death, the Doctor will issue the Death Certificate.
  • If a death is unexpected or accidental, the Doctor may not be able to issue a Death Certificate. The Police will arrange for the Coroner to authorise the transfer of the deceased from the place of death, by the Government Contracted Funeral Director.

Once we are advised, we will professionally transfer your loved one into our care. This is done with dignity and respect.

The main components of a funeral

  • The Coffin or Casket. Your Funeral Director will offer you a wide selection of coffins and caskets. How much or how little you spend is your choice. There is no pressure and you can take your time making this important decision.
  • The Funeral Directors Service Fee. This covers the services provided to the family in arranging and conducting the funeral, supplying hearse, attending to necessary paperwork, care and attention to the deceased.
  • Disbursements. These are the costs paid on your behalf and with your consent; cremation fee, cemetery fee, death certificate, casket spray, minister, church fees and newspaper notices etc.